How to order tickets?

To order tickets, you have to make an account with a username and password. To register click here.

After you've completed the registration you're able to order tickets. You have to follow the next steps:

Step 1 Select the match you want to visit
Step 2 Choose the sector you want. It's also possible to choose a sector based on the price
Step 3 Give in the number of tickets you want to order (maximum of 9 tickets per transaction)
Step 4 The system selects the best available seat(s) automatically
Step 5 Check the order
Step 6 You can pay the order with iDeal.
Step 7 After you have paid, you get back to the webshop. If the payment is okay, you recieve a orderconfirmation by email
Step 8 You can now download your e-tickets from the shop. Go to the menu "e-tickets printen". Here you'll find al of your tickets.

If there are any questions, please contact us by email: internetverkoop@knvb.nl


Nederlands English
gebruikersnaam username
wachtwoord password
herhaal repeat
in bezit van in possession of
ja / nee yes / no
geslacht gender
man / vrouw male / female
initialen initials
tussenvoegsel gag
achternaam surname
straat street
huisnummer number, number of the house
postcode ZIP code, postal code
plaats city, town
telefoonnummer phone(number)
geboortedatum birth date
land country
registratievoorwaarden registration conditions
akkoord accord
doorgaan continue, proceed
bevestiging / bevestigen confirmation / confirm